(not quite a) Year in Japan

Holy shit a new blog post!

Oh wait, it’s just another food one.

1. Cabbage ‘Cider’



I mean, I saw it and I just had to buy it.

Fortunately it didn’t taste anything like cabbage, it was basically fizzy sugar water (not even alcoholic! the outrage!) with a faint aroma of cabbage.

totally worth the 250¥ for the novelty, but yeah, not something I’ll ever buy again.

2. Donald Trump ‘gourmet’ milk chocolate


Hmm, this post is turning out a little weirder than usual. Oh well.

This was given to me as a present (or just a joke, I don’t know), by the wife of the couple I’m working for. They got it from a friend who bought a few bars of it whilst on vacation in Hawaii.

It tasted like cheap advent calendar chocolate, and there wasn’t an image of Donald Trump inscribed in the chocolate.

I was most disappointed.

3. マジミラいちごサンデー (Magical Mirai Strawberry Sundae)


I don’t know if I’m going to be posting the Magical Mirai pics publicly, but I was most definitely there eating this surprisingly predictably expensive ice cream (though it did come with a free gift).
What actually surprised me was the fact that the filler/base was not cornflakes! It was rice crispies. wow.

Apparently it doesn’t take much to surprise me.

4. Multicoloured Soumen Noodles


Because I guess if someone would want unnecessarily colourful noodles it’d be me.

5. Miso ramen


Ridiculously good ramen at a quiet place buried in the alleys and sidestreets of Ueno. Looks pretty standard, but it was pretty fantastic. Probably the 2nd or 3rd best ramen I’ve had in Japan.

7. Style free beer


I get it, “style free” because it’s me! Hahahahaha.


Sugar-free beer, ideal for diabetics, or people that want to drink disgusting-tasting beer.

8. 久しぶりのナイフとフォーク (First knife and fork for a long time)


First time I’ve used a knife and fork in something like 5 months…so that was fun. Also, the combination of food was pretty…interesting.
Steak + jus – fine.
+ cabbage – o…k, sure, I’m I guess we work on a cabbage farm, so ok
+ spaghetti bolognese – no.

and of course there was rice and miso soup on the side, because Japan.

Joking aside, that steak was cooked perfectly and absolutely delicious.

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