(not quite a) Year in Japan

What a great name – ‘Onioshidashi’ which translates very roughly to “pushing out demons” was the location of a huge volcanic eruption of nearby Mount Asama (浅間山) in 1783, and the landscape definitely looks like something befitting of such a name. Oh and btw, the volcano is still active.


Went here with one of the other volunteers on a day-off, and of course it was both super cloudy and rainy. Here’s some of idea of how good the visibility was

FullSizeRender 3
what mountains?



This nook was covered in a moss that was either luminescent or just had some interesting reflective properties, such that it glowed green…which you can’t see in the photo 😦


You can just about make out the ferris wheel (big wheel?) of a nearby amusement park

So despite the weather, it was a lot of fun due to the interesting landscape…maybe not ‘go there at all costs’ fun, but definitely ‘if you’re in the area’ fun.

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