(not quite a) Year in Japan

And it has been fun, but looking at my bank balance (well more glancing out of the corner of my eye as to minimise the pain), it’s time to come back to England.

So, I’m currently typing this from Tokyo, where I’ll be for the next ~2 weeks, and after that it’s back to England…for like a day, then off to my mum’s place in France for (hopefully not too long – sorry mum!) whilst I look for work, line-up interviews etc. etc. back in England.

To make something clear, even if money weren’t the deciding factor I would still be set on leaving Japan at the end of the 1 year (so I guess that would’ve been March 2019), and whilst I could go into so much more detail here about all the ‘whys’ etc. a) I don’t think I can do it justice typed up here and b) I want something to talk about over drinks when I next see you wonderful people.

So, apologies Rich – I won’t be meeting you in Tokyo for drinks at the end of October, but I will send you some of recommendations for both Tokyo and Kyoto – I hope they’re useful, and if you have any follow-up questions, feel free to get in touch.

As for the blog, if I do/eat anything interesting over the next 2 weeks I’ll post about it, and if I feel like doing any retrospective posts on my time in Japan then those might appear here. The domain name will expire next March, so I’ll probably keep things ‘alive’ until then, at which point I’ll probably make it private on the default (i.e. free) wordpress address so (only) I can look back at it every now and then.

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